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DPM Store > Christian Living > Holiness > Set Apart for God

Set Apart for God

(Book) Product code: B112

In his trademark clear, compassionate approach, best-selling author Derek Prince reveals the beauty and power of holiness. He explains that when we seek holiness, we will understand how deeply our holy God loves us and be continually drawn closer to Him.

Join Derek for an adventure into holiness as you discover...

  • How God predestined you to be holy
  • What holiness is and what it is not
  • God's provisions to bring you into His holiness
  • And more...
Price now: CAD$13.00
After a journey of discovery through this exciting course, even seasoned believers will find a new ease in conversing with God, fellowshipping with other Christians, receiving guidance and winning souls. (211 pages)
Price now: CAD$18.00
The calling to intercession is one of the highest and most powerful ministries open to any believer. It requires boldness and conviction. The intercessor comes "in between" God and the object of His just wrath, to beseech the Lord for His grace and mercy instead. Will you be one who will answer this call? Often, all God requires is one willing soul. Will it be you? (4.25 x 7 in., 64 pgs.)
Price now: CAD$6.00
From best-selling author and Bible teacher, Derek Prince, comes his most detailed teaching on God's miraculous gift of healing. (192 pages)
Price now: CAD$11.00