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(Radio Message) The names of God reveal the various aspects of His nature, just like the many facets of a gem.
Price now: CAD$14.00
(Radio message) Each title given to Jesus in the Bible reveals a unique and meaningful aspect of His total nature.
Price now: CAD$14.00
The Bible says that David—despite his glaring humanness—was a man after God's own heart. (221 pages - hardback)
Price now: CAD$15.00
(Radio message) God's promises are our inheritance, with many rich and wonderful areas waiting for us to possess.
Price now: CAD$18.00
Through both joy and sorrow God weans us from the temporal, that we may find ultimate satisfaction in the eternal.
Price now: CAD$7.00
From best-selling author and Bible teacher, Derek Prince, comes his most detailed teaching on God's miraculous gift of healing. (192 pages)
Price now: CAD$11.00
The Bible truly does hold everything you need to navigate life successfully. Discover the all-sufficient resource at your fingertips—and how to apply it to your life.
Price now: CAD$14.00
(Radio message) God's faith-producing Word nourishes our spirits, heals our bodies, and illuminates our minds to discern God's ways.
Price now: CAD$14.00
The glorious realities of the spiritual realm are marvelously unfolded in the plan and structure of the tabernacle.
Price now: CAD$24.00
Our destination is the Holy of Holies—God's intimate, personal presence. But first we must learn and fulfill God's requirements.
Price now: CAD$24.00
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