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DPM Store > Devotional > Declaring God's Word - A 365 Day Devotional

Declaring God's Word - A 365 Day Devotional

Whitaker House
(Book) Product code: B97

Revelation 12:11 tells us that we overcome Satan by proclaiming what the Word of God says the blood of Jesus does for us. This devotional presents one proclamation for each week of the year to help set it in your mind and make it a part of your life as an overcomer.


Begin each day with a devotional that will enable you to draw closer to God by proclaiming principles of Scripture the same way Jesus did.

For the first time, the world-renowned Bible teaching of Derek Prince has been condensed into a daily devotional.

  • Declare the Scriptures daily receive physical and emotional healing
  • Be set free from fear or guilt
  • Achieve victory over temptation

Learn God’s way to financial blessings and much more. Begin your day in the presence of the Creator, rest on the truth of God's Word, and you will experience the joy of seeing Him perform miracles, signs, and wonders in your life!

Price now: CAD$16.00
Would you like to add a donation to your order? Gifts to Derek Prince Ministries make it possible for Derek's solid Bible teaching to reach people all around the world.
Donation: CAD$10.00
After a journey of discovery through this exciting course, even seasoned believers will find a new ease in conversing with God, fellowshipping with other Christians, receiving guidance and winning souls. (211 pages)
Price now: CAD$18.00
Many Christians are not aware of the amazing potential that is available to them in the Word of God. (187 pages)
Price now: CAD$7.00