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Dear Friend,

Alexey’s whole life was blighted by addiction to drugs and alcohol.

He started doing drugs and drinking alcohol when he was 16 years old. At first, he thought this was a fun way to beat hopelessness. But within a year or two, he felt he could not live without drugs.


Alexey would do anything for drugs. It was a frightening physical and spiritual addiction.

For over a decade, Alexey tried hard to break free from drugs. Eight times he was admitted to a medical center where doctors did all they could to help him. They gave him blood transfusions and all kinds of medications. But it was all in vain.

In a desperate attempt to turn his life around, Alexey got married to Daria when he was 25 years old. Sadly, a few months into his marriage, he started doing drugs again. His health worsened, and as he sank deeper into despair and spiritual darkness, his family abandoned him. They even told Daria to leave him, because “drugs are captors” and “there are no former drug-addicts.”

But God had other plans for Alexey. 

It started when someone told him about a rehabilitation center run by a local church in Dnipro, the city where he lived.
In many of the former Soviet Republic countries like Ukraine, Russia, or Belarus, the need for drug rehabilitation facilities is so great that local authorities often ask Christians to set up and run these centers.
One of the first things the team did when Alexey arrived at the center was to tell him about Jesus, to pray for him, and to invite him to accept Jesus into his life. Knowing that he had hit rock bottom, Alexey surrendered his life to God. He prayed and sincerely repented of his sins. At that moment, he felt like a heavy load fell from his shoulders—and a big smile lit up his face.

Derek Prince’s teaching gave Alexey his first glimpse of real freedom from addiction.

The turning point for Alexey that led him to repentance and to breaking the bondage of addiction over his life was hearing the gospel and reading Blessing or Curse: You Can Choose by Derek Prince.
That first encounter with Derek’s teaching—made possible through the generosity of friends like you—affirmed Alexey in his faith and encouraged him to discover the life-changing power of God’s Word.  
“Thanks to Derek’s teaching,” says Alexey, “I understood for the first time what God has done for me. I found such joy in knowing that I could be free from the devil’s bondage!  

“Also, I discovered the reality of the spiritual world, learned how to proclaim God’s Word over my life, and began to draw spiritual strength from the Bible. I thank God for people like you who sent Derek’s books to Ukraine to help broken people like me!”

Alexey spent a year and a half at the Christian rehabilitation center. There he grew stronger spiritually and physically using Derek Prince’s Bible teaching.

That’s why, a couple of years ago, when Alexey and Daria decided to open a new rehabilitation center, they immediately got in touch with our DPM outreach worker in Ukraine. They requested several free copies of Derek’s books in Russian and Ukrainian.
You will be glad to know that we gave Alexey the books he requested. He, in turn, put those books by Derek Prince into the hands of over 250 drug and alcohol addicts whose lives have been impacted by God’s life-changing Word.
We have already distributed 2,750 free copies of Derek’s books to 71 rehabilitation centers in Ukraine. With your help, we want to do more.

Will you send a gift of $30, $60, or even $150 today? Will you enable our workers in the former Soviet Republics to put Derek’s teaching into the hands of more people like Alexey?

By sending a gift today, you will enable us to put life-changing Bible teaching in many Christian rehabilitation centers in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, and Armenia.
Russia 07 2019 2
In Dnipro alone, Alexey’s city, there are 40 Christian rehabilitation centers for drug addicts and alcoholics. This is an industrial region of Ukraine. Today there are about 1,500 people who are undergoing rehabilitation in this region. With your help, we can offer them Bible teaching that can release the power of God’s Word into their broken lives.
What’s more, a gift from you today means that we can continue to share God’s love, forgiveness, and hope with prisoners in Ukraine and Russia by putting several copies of God’s Remedy for Rejection, Husbands and Fathers, and Blessing or Curse: You Can Choose in prison libraries. 
If you want to help someone like Alexey experience the fullness of life in Christ Jesus, please make a special gift of $30 or more today using the link below.
Together we can help those in the former Soviet Republics who are struggling with addictions and hopelessness. We can help them break free from bondage, and be fully restored to the purpose God has for them.
Thank you for your generosity and your prayers,

 Vazgen Bob