Terrorists Attack London

In the wake of the wicked terrorist attacks that have struck at the heart of London, a question on many lips is whether there is any hope in these uncertain times. Our prayers go out to all those who are suffering as a result and we pray that the "God of all comfort" will be close to those caught up in this tragedy. We ask that many hearts will turn to Him, as people seek to come to terms with what has happened . There are no easy answers to explain these events, but we take hope from the fact that ultimately God is in control, and that He hears and responds to prayer.


Here is a Scripture and some words from Derek that seem particularly apt at this difficult time.


And the world is passing away, and also its lusts; but the one who does the will of God abides forever. NAS 1 John 2:17


We are living in a very impermanent and changeable world. Nothing that we see

is gong to last permanently. The ambitions, the desires, the passions of people of this

world who are immersed in time and the things of the flesh are all going to pass

away. There are forces at work in the world, spiritual forces, material forces, much

more powerful than we are, forces that we cannot control. We are just like a little

speck on the surface of a river being carried along. Is there any way to find

permanence? Is there any way to find security? Yes, it’s simple. Those words that I

read contain the answer. “But the one who does the will of God abides forever.” In

the last resort, God’s will is going to stand. When everything else collapses and falls

away and becomes impermanent and insecure, disappoints us, and maybe even

deceives us, there’s one thing that’s going to stand secure, that’s God’s will. God is in

control; He’s supreme. And if you unite yourself with the will of God, if you make it

your purpose in life to do the will of God, then you are just as strong and just as

permanent and just as secure as God’s will. Circumstances will change, the world

will change, but the will of God stands firm, enduring and unconquerable and you

can be just like the will of God if you set your mind to do it. - Derek Prince


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