Valeri Solin - DPM Russia

Valeri-4It is with great sadness that we announce the sudden death of Valeri Solin, our dear friend and DPM-Russia Outreach Director. Valeri died of suspected heart failure on 31st March 2009 at his home in Tallinn, Estonia.

Born in Azerbaijan in 1962, Valeri went through the typical Soviet educational system and then worked for six years in a division of the secret police (KGB). In 1989, Valeri had a powerful encounter with God and surrendered his life to Christ.

In 1992 he came across The Foundations Series by Derek Prince and was deeply impacted by Derek’s teaching. Being aware of the great need for discipleship materials in Russia he approached our representative for this region and offered to help as a publisher.

A year later, Valeri began working full-time with DPM translating a number of Derek’s materials into Russian, coordinating the printing and distribution of different books and using Derek’s teaching to minister to believers across this vast region.

Under Valeri’s leadership DPM’s outreach in the former Soviet Union grew tremendously. He travelled extensively to meet church and denominational leaders, introducing them to Derek’s teaching and ministering to them through regional conferences. After the break up of the Soviet Union, he began to organise the translation and printing of Derek’s books and audio messages in several languages and established a wide network of DPM representatives in various countries. He also started a Correspondence Bible School that enrols more than 2,000 students, including many prisoners from Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Armenia and the Baltic states.

Although quiet, soft-spoken and unassuming he was a man after God’s own heart – full of His spirit, power and wisdom – who taught, inspired and encouraged thousands of believers through his ministry.

Valeri will be greatly missed by all of us. Valeri’s legacy will live on through the continuation of DPM’s ministry in the former Soviet Republics.

Please remember Valeri Solin’s family and his three sons in your prayers during this difficult time.