Keeping DPM in Prayer

September 16th - September 22nd



September 16—Nepal

  • Pray for Director Gopaljee and his distributors, especially as Christians are being opposed through Facebook and other social media and one pastor was recently jailed for several years.  
  • A pastor has taken nine cartons of Derek’s Nepali books to northern Nepal (lower Himalayas region). Pray that this material will greatly bless all who get them and be passed around widely.
“On behalf of the Nepal Ebenezer Bible College Board, graduating students, faculty and staff, we would like to give our special thanks for your annual gift of Derek Prince books for our graduates. This year I would once again like to request you to kindly provide the books for our 23 graduating students who will be going back to their churches for the ministries the Lord has called them to. The books will be great resources for them to sharpen themselves in the Lord and serve the people around them.”                           Rev. Upendra Upadhyaya, Office of the Principal and Dean of Academics, Jorpati, Kathmandu


September 17—Lesotho

Pray for a door to open and the right contacts made to get Derek’s broadcast on the radio in Lesotho.
Praise & Thanksgiving:
When the Lesotho Youth with a Mission Director’s wife was in Pretoria for training, the South Africa office gave her the Mega Voice player, South Sotho Foundations DVDs and Self-Study Bible Course to take back to Lesotho to use in ministry.


September 18—Middle East

  • Pray for successful translation of 12 hours of video teaching (8 titles) into Arabic as well as the new video project, “Declaring God’s Word” in Arabic for Christian TV channels.
  • Pray that this teaching will reach many Arabic-speakers both in the Middle East and beyond.
  • Pray for new contacts in Tunisia, Iraq and the Gulf region to help produce and distribute material.
Praise & Thanksgiving:
Since June 1, the Arabic audio devotionals (from Declaring God’s Word) have been airing 17 times a day, 7 days a week via 5 FM and AM radio frequencies and also online for Arabic speakers worldwide.


September 19—Ethiopia

  • Pray for successful printing and distribution of new translations in the Tigrinya language (Protection from Deception, God is a Matchmaker and Foundations for Christian Living) throughout Ethiopia and Eritrea, now that there is finally peace between the two nations.
  • Pray that the book, How to Pass from Curse to Blessing, can be reprinted.
Praise & Thanksgiving:
Thank God the Eritrean–Ethiopian War has come to a peaceful end 20 years after it began. Ethiopian Airlines will now resume flights to Eritrea, and many Christian prisoners in Eritrea have been set free. The door is open for the Gospel and Derek’s teaching materials in the Tigrinya language. Faith to Live By, They Shall Expel Demons and Foundations for Christian Living, will be distributed!


September 20—Norway

  • Pray for the Sami translator to work with wisdom and skill to finish the first 12 proclamation cards.
  • Pray for the Norwegian translators to work successfully on new titles.
Praise & Thanksgiving:
  • A new website and web shop has been completed. Many thanks to John Rust (DPM–USA) for his great help and support in the process!
  • The Lord has opened up Scandinavia to Derek’s teaching on a larger scale! New books are being printed in Sweden, Denmark and Finland!


September 21—Iran/Azerbaijan

The Talish translation of Does Your Tongue Need Healing? is being printed and will be available shortly. Talish is spoken by 500,000 to 1 million people in northern Iran and southern Azerbaijan. Pray for this book to impact many lives in this part of the world.


September 22—Mozambique

Pray for Derek’s Portuguese material that was recently sent to Iris Ministries to be an encouragement to all the staff and students at their Bible schools and training centers.



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